How a humble device gives you so much more...


What is micro needling or skin needling?

Microneedling is one of the most underrated skin treatment that gives you bang for your buck. It is highly easy, safe, efficient, and minimally invasive treatment method. Although it was first used to rejuvenate skin, it is currently being utilised for a very wide range of indications, such as drug delivery, stretch marks, acne scars, acne, post-traumatic/burn scars, alopecia, and skin rejuvenation. Furthermore, a lot of significant advancements have been made to the original microneedling apparatus in the past ten years. To get better results, this procedure might be used in conjunction with other surgical techniques. It is especially a highly safe approach for dark skin types, as other techniques that injure the epidermis greatly increase the risk of postinflammatory pigmentation.

Microneedling, which provide a controlled skin injury without truly harming the epidermis (which helps prevent causing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation for people of color), are used to make micropunctures. The microinjuries cause only minor bleeding on the surface and initiate a cascade of wound healing factors release, including release of growth factors which helps in creating new skin matrix. Additionally, the needles break down the old, hardened scar strands and promote revascularization or new formation of blood vessels to help heal the scarring. These processes also help in formation of new collagen. After five days from the injury, a fibronectin matrix is formed that controls the deposition of collagen, causing skin tightening that lasts for five to seven years in the form of collagen III. A 400% increase in collagen and elastin deposition was observed in the histological examination of the skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart!

What areas can be treated?

We can microneedle any skin that can have the topical anaesthesia. The most popular areas are face and neck. Other areas that can be addressed are décolletage, stretch marks, hands and areas of scarring.

How can you make it more special?

At OBRA, we utilize the power of microneedling coupled with other products that can enhance your skin integrity and boost your collagen production. You might have heard about them in the market now and we will discuss the products that are available in our clinic.

EXOSOMES: Exosomes are nanoscale biovesicles that are discharged into the body's surrounding fluids when it fuses with our body,s cells. It has been demonstrated that they transport cell-specific loads of proteins, lipids, and genetic elements. They may also be selectively absorbed by nearby or distant cells at a considerable distance from the site of release, reprogramming the recipient cells in response to their bioactive components. These characteristics are great in guiding your skin cells to be reprogrammed to function optimally. This means that it will help your own skin produce healthy skin cells and at the same time boost heyour collagen production and address skin pigmentation. It is also acellular so it means your body will not reject these precious entities.

NCTF BOOST: With the nutrients it needs to flourish, NCTF® BOOST 135 HA is a special anti-aging, poly-revitalizing compound that nourishes the skin. It establishes the ideal conditions for fibroblasts to carry out their function in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

GROWTH FACTOR: Do you know that placing growth factors during microneedling can help you boost collagen and increase the healing properties of your skin? It is very effective on acne scarring and targeting areas of skin laxity especially on those delicate areas such as around your eyes. Its effect is comparable to PRP and is a cheaper alternative. Check out the study below and see how it works.’p”

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for micro needling?

First is prepare for your recovery. At OBRA we are known for patient care even before we do our treatment. For microneedling we suggest that you check your social calendar as it may take you 2-4 days to recover depending on your ability to heal. For your comfort, we strongly suggest for you to have a MILD MOISTURIZER (without irritating ingredients such as Vitamin C) on standby. Have your SUNSCREEN ready as your skin will be vulnerable to the sun. Eat fruits and vegetables or take Vitamin C to speed up the healing process.

Is it painful?

We put numbing cream on you to help you feel comfortable throughout the process and this numbing process takes 10-20minutes. Please inform your practitioner if you have allergy to lidocaineor any local anaesthesia. Majority of our clients feel only the pressure of the microneedling device and not the needle itself.

What are the side effects?

Pinpoint bleeding is the expected side effect of skin needling. This is the golden sign that your skin received the right amount of controlled trauma to stimulate collagen production. It usually clots as soon as the procedure stops. Some redness is also expected especially for areas that needs longer needles (acne scarring). This usually resolves within 2-4 days. Some itching is also expected as this is a sign of wound healing to some. moisturiser is the best way to manage this.

Who cannot have micro needling?

Clients who have delayed wound healing are not great candidates. These are people with diabetes, on blood thinning medications and those that have low immunity. They are susceptible to develop infections due to open skin which opportunistic bacteria may exploit.

How many sessions do I need and how long is the procedure?

The procedure takes 45minutes to an hour depending if you have topicals added. It is recommended for you to have at least 4 sessions every year to bet the best possible outcome.

Which of the topical products do you recommend?

Depending on your main concerns, all of these topicals are effective. Complimentary consultation will be done prior to your treatment so you don’t have to decide asap.

How much is the procedure?

Skin needling itself is AUD 200 per area with our current microneedling device. Topicals are additional purchase.

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