Non surgical Wrinkle Reducer

We offer complimentary consultation to determine which service that is right for you. These procedures carries risks and must meet certain criteria. Due to health regulatory board requirements, our password protected Before and Afters can be provided for your reference once you join our mailing list.

Upper face: Forehead, Frown line, Crow’s feet

These are the most common areas to be treated by neuromodulators. Forehead (frontalis) and frown lines (glabella) are usually treated together as they both work opposite each other.

Bunny lines (Nasalis)

Bunny lines is beautiful feature for some noses but if you need this to be addressed, we can help you.

Gummy smile (LLSAN) & Lip Flip (Obicularis oris)

Gummy smile can make someone self-conscious of their smile. A product placed on the Levator labii superiors alaeque nasalis (LLSAN) can help give you back a carefree smile. Lip flip on the other hand is a great starting point if you just want to test if lip augmentation is something for you.

Downturned smile (DAO) and Dimpled Chin (Mentalis)

Relaxing the Depressor angle oris helps to relax the corners of mouth that gives you a frowning look. It also helps in delaying jowl formation. Mentalis are a pair of muscles that pulls your chin towards your mouth. By relaxing these muscles, not only will help in elongating your chin profile, it will also help in delay that static line underneath your lower lips.


Some of us are jaw-clenchers and this leads to formation of a more pronounced jaw area. Neuromodulators will help in relaxing this muscle which after repeated treatment will help in decreasing the masseters giving a jaw slimming effect.

Nefertiti Lift & Neck bands (Platysma)

Neuromodulators helps in relaxing the platysma which also plays a role in delaying formation of jowls and helps define the jawline.


Excessive sweating that isn't usually caused by heat or exertion is known as hyperhidrosis. Effect is variable between clients.

Chronic Migraine relief

Neuromodulators can help in reducing migraine pain for some clients. This needs to be discussed with their GP as certain criteria must be met prior to this procedure. Please be guided that more than one set of injections maybe needed.